My Achievments

I thought I would take this chance to introduce to you the skills and achievements I have accumulated so far in my three years of schooling and work in the graphic design world:

– Extensive skill in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

– A blooming knowledge of Dreamweaver

– Problem solver

– Research and accumulate good reference

– Can more easily recognize and use the Golden Ratio.

It may not seem like too much, but there is so much involved in learning all of these things that it takes immense practice and patience to effectively use them all. When I started, I knew none of these things. So far so good!

A couple of sites that helped me out when I started learning (and that I still use all the time) comprise of the following:

and who could forget…

Although no images can be used from this site to use in any of my creations, it is a vast expanse of unending ideas inspirations for shapes, colours and divisions of space.


Hello! ^_^

Hello! If you’ve stumbled upon this page, it may be for three reasons: the first, of course, is Google. Google is amazing that way, you may have been searching for something completely different and, ‘lo and behold, you’re here.

The second reason could be that I told you about it and you took the time to check out my graphic design pieces. That thought gives me warm and fuzzy, happy feelings. So thank you if that is the reason you are here.

The third reason is, I suppose, that you are interested in my work and are going to be visiting my portfolio page in the next minute or so. If that is the case, I hope you enjoy what I have designed. There will be much more to come, I assure you!