Web Design

Those two fateful words that, when spoken, evokes either a groan or makes you sit up straight in your seat in anticipation. Web design, like most interests, is not for everyone. I thought at first that it wasn’t close to being something I would enjoy. But there’s something to be said about designing something so intricate and having to go through the frustrations of coding errors to come out on the other side with a beautifully designed site that thousands (hopefully) will someday visit. There’s an immense satisfaction in it. I think that there’s definitely a form of glory in designing these hair tearing, nail biting, scream-inducing websites, if only to see the end result. Knowing what kind of websites are out there makes me a little dubious as to how I’m ever going to pull off the big stuff. But that’s the job of a designer: to get through the impossible and create a masterpiece that works, is creative, and that amazes people.

Here is a website with some great links to the amazing designs out there today. Make sure to reply to let me know which your favourite was. (Make sure to say what category is was in, there are many!)