Adobe Muse – Review

Recently I have begun to use Adobe’s Muse. It is a program specifically made for building websites, the same as Dreamweaver.. and yet, not. There is a drastic difference that you can’t fail to notice: there is absolutely no code in Muse. None. Zip. Interested yet? It sure interested me! Upon using it, I’ve fallen in love with the interesting interface and easy-to-use, InDesign-esque features. It uses many features found in InDesign, such as Masterpages, Paragraph and Character Styles, Cmmd+D for Placing, as well as others. It’s every designers dream and, if you haven’t already tried it, and you can’t be bothered with coding, then this is definitely a must try.

There is a 30 day trial available for you and a great start-up video you can watch. I will make sure to include it at the end of this article. Just watching it will show you just how amazing Muse is. Building websites has become a lot easier. It makes me excited just thinking of the possibilities! I hope you find excitement in it as well, because it truly is amazing. Check it out!