A Writer’s App in the Market?

“How many apps are there out there for budding or experienced novelists/writers?”

This is a question I asked recently and at first glance, did not have much luck finding anything in the android market for organizing the chaos of thoughts that I’m sure other writers such as myself are subjected to daily. Sad, but determined nonetheless, I was hopeful as I stumbled upon this FREE app called “Werdsmith”… I know, not a very enticing name since I’m almost positive there isn’t a pun in there, making it so that there is no excuse for the word “Word” to be misspelled… But from the reviews, it has much potential of being an awesome application if developed some more.

Do you have any suggestions of what would make a great word-sorting/idea mapping/story-making app? Do you think that this app, or apps like this one, can help organize your ideas? Download the app, let me know what you think!

(Also, let me know if I completely missed a great app. What do you guys use?)



2 thoughts on “A Writer’s App in the Market?

  1. There are a ton of great apps on the Apple app store for computers, tablets, and phones. My personal favorite is Scrivener. A bit pricey but has been totally worth it if you ask me. I think any app that lets you flip easily through documents (character sketches, chapters, outlines, etc.) is a great asset.

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