Harry Potter + Quiz + App = ???

So, as of right now, doing a quick search for a decent quiz/game Harry Potter Application in both the Playstore as well as the App store wield insufficient results: Where are all the Harry Potter Fan/Mobile Application Developers? Are they dormant, only to be awakened upon J.K. Rowling’s non-existent new Harry Potter children’s trilogy novels? Young James maybe, who has new adventures to share with his sidekick, Hugo? Please come out of hibernation and create awesome apps, or at least challenging quiz apps please.

Do you perhaps agree with me? Because it is a possibility that a pretty cool application will soon make itself known to the android market, one that a certain developer *cough* me *cough* has been cooking up for quite some time. It has it all: tricky questions, cute animated characters, a fun, really hard-to-beat-unless-you’re-really-lucky-to-grab-the-snitch-while-it’s-invisible Quiddich game, and did I mention really tricky questions? People *cough* me *cough* love to be challenged with quizzes, like to think instead of reading a question and going “duh, it’s this one”. If you’re like this person *cough*, then there is a great possibility of you also liking this quiz game.

Oh, what’s that? What name will it bear? It is officially known as: NovelEnd. All questions based on the novels and only on the novels. How much can you recall from the books? Find out when you download this game from the app store later this month.


Sooooooo….. icon72x72 I’d watch out for this icon soon 🙂

(psssst… it’ll be free!)




5 thoughts on “Harry Potter + Quiz + App = ???

  1. There’s a question on the Harry potter quiz app that asked “in what year does Harry realise the sorting hat sings a different song each”
    The answer on the App is fifth year because he wasn’t preset for fourth year sorting.
    This is wrong, the answer is really fourth year. He was present for the sorting and it’s Ron who tells Harry it songs a different song each year.

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