Officially Phil-ilified (Certified.. hehe)

Thought I’d take a moment to thank two very inspirational and motivational teachers who not only encouraged a struggling designer to learn something as difficult as code (the tears I’ve cried… yeek), but who also managed to share their excitement of app development that made the coding bug easy to catch.

In his farewell speech, what Phil wanted us to keep in mind was that, even though it is a probability that we are going to hit some brick walls when applying for jobs, that those brick walls are only there to stop those who are unwilling to try harder to get that position.

What I took away from this is that every one of us holds the secret of getting onto Platform 9 3/4, but some of us get dissuaded by the house elf that’s blocking up the gateway. What we need to do is have enough faith in ourselves to go that extra mile, get rid of the house elf (sorry Dobby!) and get through that wall.

Probably not the metaphor Phil had in mind, but if it makes sense to me, then I’m positive to have gone from Phil and Krista’s classes with the knowledge that I am magical.

Thanks for everything!


Beautiful world

There are so many distractions in the world, the internet perhaps being the most likely culprit. But the number one reveals itself to be self-involvement: being so involved in oneself and ones world that it makes exploring new things challenging because everything you ever think is centralized in what’s going on in YOUR mind, in YOUR world, it is kept all in your head.

So, to honor the world, let’s focus on some cool stuff. Here’s an article I stumbled upon that has some amazing animals that are a part of our world. Who would have thought these beings were living with us, sharing our air, sharing this beautiful and bountiful earth with us? Have a look at these animals and marvel at how different everything we encounter really is.

by the way, I really recommend exploring this amazing website: it has numerous articles that are interesting to go through.

Web Design

Those two fateful words that, when spoken, evokes either a groan or makes you sit up straight in your seat in anticipation. Web design, like most interests, is not for everyone. I thought at first that it wasn’t close to being something I would enjoy. But there’s something to be said about designing something so intricate and having to go through the frustrations of coding errors to come out on the other side with a beautifully designed site that thousands (hopefully) will someday visit. There’s an immense satisfaction in it. I think that there’s definitely a form of glory in designing these hair tearing, nail biting, scream-inducing websites, if only to see the end result. Knowing what kind of websites are out there makes me a little dubious as to how I’m ever going to pull off the big stuff. But that’s the job of a designer: to get through the impossible and create a masterpiece that works, is creative, and that amazes people.

Here is a website with some great links to the amazing designs out there today. Make sure to reply to let me know which your favourite was. (Make sure to say what category is was in, there are many!)

My Achievments

I thought I would take this chance to introduce to you the skills and achievements I have accumulated so far in my three years of schooling and work in the graphic design world:

– Extensive skill in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

– A blooming knowledge of Dreamweaver

– Problem solver

– Research and accumulate good reference

– Can more easily recognize and use the Golden Ratio.

It may not seem like too much, but there is so much involved in learning all of these things that it takes immense practice and patience to effectively use them all. When I started, I knew none of these things. So far so good!

A couple of sites that helped me out when I started learning (and that I still use all the time) comprise of the following:

and who could forget…

Although no images can be used from this site to use in any of my creations, it is a vast expanse of unending ideas inspirations for shapes, colours and divisions of space.

Hello! ^_^

Hello! If you’ve stumbled upon this page, it may be for three reasons: the first, of course, is Google. Google is amazing that way, you may have been searching for something completely different and, ‘lo and behold, you’re here.

The second reason could be that I told you about it and you took the time to check out my graphic design pieces. That thought gives me warm and fuzzy, happy feelings. So thank you if that is the reason you are here.

The third reason is, I suppose, that you are interested in my work and are going to be visiting my portfolio page in the next minute or so. If that is the case, I hope you enjoy what I have designed. There will be much more to come, I assure you!