Harry Potter + Quiz + App = ???

So, as of right now, doing a quick search for a decent quiz/game Harry Potter Application in both the Playstore as well as the App store wield insufficient results: Where are all the Harry Potter Fan/Mobile Application Developers? Are they dormant, only to be awakened upon J.K. Rowling’s non-existent new Harry Potter children’s trilogy novels? Young James maybe, who has new adventures to share with his sidekick, Hugo? Please come out of hibernation and create awesome apps, or at least challenging quiz apps please.

Do you perhaps agree with me? Because it is a possibility that a pretty cool application will soon make itself known to the android market, one that a certain developer *cough* me *cough* has been cooking up for quite some time. It has it all: tricky questions, cute animated characters, a fun, really hard-to-beat-unless-you’re-really-lucky-to-grab-the-snitch-while-it’s-invisible Quiddich game, and did I mention really tricky questions? People *cough* me *cough* love to be challenged with quizzes, like to think instead of reading a question and going “duh, it’s this one”. If you’re like this person *cough*, then there is a great possibility of you also liking this quiz game.

Oh, what’s that? What name will it bear? It is officially known as: NovelEnd. All questions based on the novels and only on the novels. How much can you recall from the books? Find out when you download this game from the app store later this month.


Sooooooo….. icon72x72 I’d watch out for this icon soon 🙂

(psssst… it’ll be free!)




New App in the Making

A project that is currently under way, a bobble head Phil that has customizable quotes will be hitting the app stores near you. What is to be expected from this type of app? Witticisms, an old man’s thoughts on daily life, life altering pondering that reduces you to tears of laughter. What would you expect of this type of app? Perhaps the appeal will be to finally get your chance at shaking Phil until his head bobbles off the screen, or to hear what goes on in his head.

In any case, this type of app will have appeal not only to those who actually know phil, but who appreciate a good joke and don’t take what he says too seriously.

What kinds of things would you add to an app like this? I’ll take all comments under consideration, so be sure to post your thoughts below.

Bobble Heads

The idea of a bobble head is interesting, because it is a physical representation (or rather, over-representation) of a person. It can be construed as a caricature because of its over-large features and ridiculous body positions. There are so many bobble head apps in the app stores with different themes. From religious to rock star bobble heads to personalized bobble heads, there seems to be no limit to these amazing creations.

If someone were to make a bobble head app of, oh, I don’t know, a certain professor some of us know cough phil cough, then what are the features you’d look for in an app like that?

Let me know your thoughts (whether they’re silly or not… really, the sillier the better, in my opinion).


A Writer’s App in the Market?

“How many apps are there out there for budding or experienced novelists/writers?”

This is a question I asked recently and at first glance, did not have much luck finding anything in the android market for organizing the chaos of thoughts that I’m sure other writers such as myself are subjected to daily. Sad, but determined nonetheless, I was hopeful as I stumbled upon this FREE app called “Werdsmith”… I know, not a very enticing name since I’m almost positive there isn’t a pun in there, making it so that there is no excuse for the word “Word” to be misspelled… But from the reviews, it has much potential of being an awesome application if developed some more.

Do you have any suggestions of what would make a great word-sorting/idea mapping/story-making app? Do you think that this app, or apps like this one, can help organize your ideas? Download the app, let me know what you think!

(Also, let me know if I completely missed a great app. What do you guys use?)


Apps in Our World

As the generations come and go, we somehow ended up with this crazy invention: the mobile application. What does a mobile application do exactly you may ask? Well my dear friend, it does anything your little heart desires. Today, that could mean anything from an alarm clock to a game, from an organizer to a fart simulator. Need a friend? Siri will talk to you and offer you answers to your practical questions and provide funny answers. It seems that there is no limit to what an app can do.

Here is an example of what Siri ca do.

Just the other day, a bewildering discover was made in my day when I saw a phone act as a television remote. How you ask? How is that possible in this whacky world of ours? An app, of all things, can control something like a television channel…. o.O

Will we one day see an app control a robot? Make it put our socks on our feet for us? Let me know what you think about the staggering possibilities of the world of mobile application.