To see my full portfolio, scroll down. The pattern goes like this: six pieces, six explanations, six pieces, six explanations, etc.

(Image descriptions from top left to top right, then bottom left to bottom right)

Children Book Cover

Created in Photoshop, this piece had to be either a fable or fairy tale that was already in existence. I have an affinity for the story of Beauty and the Beast, so I decided on this story. I portrayed the Beast slightly differently than the original and Disney versions because all that was said in the original was that he was a beast. There was no description. So I let my imagination guide me, along with reference of course!

Food for Thought

Food photography is an art that isn’t always easy. To pull of this piece, I applied tricks of the trade to ensure that the product had the best lighting as well as believability that is is what was advertized. Would you drink this? I know I would!


This newsletter  was laid out in InDesign with photographs edited in Photoshop and a generic background designed in Illustrator. All content is planned and arranged to suit the style of the publication.

Newspaper Page Layout

A newspaper laid out in InDesign which highlights an event in which I was the photographer. The object of the project was to capture stills of movement and motion. I then applied it to the newspaper layout.

Self Portrayal

This photograph is a creative piece that describes who I am. The objects included in the photograph form a collage of various objects that I had gathered together onto a black backdrop to showcase my personality. I printed photographs of me playing my guitar and taking a photograph to integrate myself into the piece.

Kiwanis Festival

The Kiwanis Festival comes once a year in North Bay. This year, they were looking for six different covers for their categories: Piano, Voice, Strings, Guitar, Instruments/Bands and Dance. The category I chose to depict was song. This image was designed entirely in Photoshop. I scanned my roughs, re-tracing them once inserted into Photoshop. If you can believe it, those lips are created from my own lips! Whoa!


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