Officially Phil-ilified (Certified.. hehe)

Thought I’d take a moment to thank two very inspirational and motivational teachers who not only encouraged a struggling designer to learn something as difficult as code (the tears I’ve cried… yeek), but who also managed to share their excitement of app development that made the coding bug easy to catch.

In his farewell speech, what Phil wanted us to keep in mind was that, even though it is a probability that we are going to hit some brick walls when applying for jobs, that those brick walls are only there to stop those who are unwilling to try harder to get that position.

What I took away from this is that every one of us holds the secret of getting onto Platform 9 3/4, but some of us get dissuaded by the house elf that’s blocking up the gateway. What we need to do is have enough faith in ourselves to go that extra mile, get rid of the house elf (sorry Dobby!) and get through that wall.

Probably not the metaphor Phil had in mind, but if it makes sense to me, then I’m positive to have gone from Phil and Krista’s classes with the knowledge that I am magical.

Thanks for everything!